About Us

We are a group of British academics that work on the market that helps students achieve their academic goals. The demand for academic assistance grows every day and yet, it’s a challenge for most students to find a reliable service. That’s why we created this website – to provide you with the most accurate, actionable data and help you find the perfect website to order your papers from.

Who We Are       

There are plenty of reasons why students come to our website to learn about the best essay writing services in UK. Top British Essays is a website that searches for the most talented and professional UK-based writers and the companies they work for. We work with experienced people with university degrees in different fields. With the help of our review experts, we are able to find the tiniest details about writing companies, and share them with you in detailed evaluations.

The reason why our website is the best source for information on writing services lies in our experience, but also in our process. We are persistent and nitpicky, which means that we’ll invest as much as we can in finding all about the writing service in question. We formed this team to help students like you to find the company they can trust their papers with, without the possibility of a negative outcome or an unexpected problem.

There are a couple of things you should know about the team that works at TopBritishEssays.com:

  • We’ve all been students. All of us hold high-level degrees, which means that we’ve lived what you are living right now. We’ve written papers, ordered papers, and been burnt more times than we could count. Our experience makes us great at detecting good companies.
  • Many of us have worked at writing services in the past. This means that we know what to look for. We’ll know how to evaluate service and what makes it good or bad. We can read through the vague content on websites, check the terms and conditions in detail, and let you know if a service is worthy of your trust or not.
  • We don’t promote any service. This website exists solely to help you find the good companies and avoid fraudulent websites. We aren’t hired by any service, nor will we share any inaccurate information to push you in the wrong direction.

Our Mission

When you think about this company, think about a secret guide that tells you what company to stay away from. Students spend big sums of money on services that aren’t worthy of their time or trust, and we aim to avoid this from happening. Instead of spending tons of time testing companies or researching the Web to learn more about them, you’ll just need a few minutes to go through our very detailed reviews and learn all that you need to know.

It’s very hard to find accurate information about these companies nowadays. There are fake reviews, promises that are never fulfilled, and sites that look too good that they tempt you to buy right away. Our mission is to detect the scam in the midst of all the choices you have today and help you find truly good companies.

If you need more information or want to share some experiences with us, contact us at any time – we’ll be glad to hear from you!