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Have you ever heard of Assignment Crux? It’s a UK-based paper writing service that can meet the needs of just about any student, from high school all the way to graduate school. It has a wide range of services and decent customer support.

Professional writers can tackle an essay in most subjects, but the services available are much further reaching. Unlike similar sites, this one does not have a services page, which means it may not be the best choice for higher level papers. site is kind of boring to look at and you must page through loads of information to find what you need. However, online support is available to help you and to answer any questions about the ordering process.


The main things that play a role in the final cost of your paper are the length, the deadline and the quality. Other sites allow you to choose a type of paper, but this one does not. Use the handy pricing page to choose the options you want and get a quick price quote. You’ll get a more precise quote on the home page, which does allow you to choose the type of assignment.

Greater urgency is the biggest factor in the rise in the price of your final paper. The price does go up between quality levels, about £1 with each jump. This is much more affordable than some other sites.

A basic paper starts at £8.00 per page for a deadline of 10 days and goes up to £14.00 for the highest quality with a 24-hour deadline. The easy to read price grid is helpful and the prices are more attractive than other services.


While this site doesn’t have a designated discounts page, they do offer a 10% discount that you can take advantage of on any order. This is lower than the standard 15% offered by other sites, but it available for anyone, not just first-time users.

Most students are on a budget so being able to use a discount is alluring and can save you some money on your assignment. The site might do better by offering discounts for bundle packages or loyal customers.

Despite it’s less than outstanding discounts package, the site has a pretty good reputation and gets decent reviews from most users.

Additional Features

This site might offer lower than average pricing, but they don’t offer a very diverse selection of extras, when compared to other similar sites. There is a 100% original content guarantee and the site also promises on time delivery.

The site also offers free revisions on all orders and each paper is promised a writer who is an expert in the subject matter. The lack of extras is definitely a drawback, but the low prices help make up for it.

Overall, you can save some money by using Assignment Crux, but you won’t get all the bells and whistles. Good quality, timely delivery and decent customer support are all reasons to give this site a try.

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