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2.8/5 calls itself ‘the world’s leading company of UK’. In addition to this, they promise the lowest price and various other advantages to customers who choose them for academic assistance. The goal of our review is to determine if this is true since, if the company really offers what they promise, this may just be the best company for your academic papers.

Our first step was to look into their website design. The design is professional, but we encountered some issues with the content. For example, their Services page is filled with unnecessary content, but contains no list of services. After throughout research, we found that the company actually offers a wide range of academic papers. This makes for a good choice of a regular provider, as soon as they deliver quality papers and charge affordable prices.

Customers can reach the company via the live chat, phone number and e-mail address, all provided on the official website.


An essay with a seven-day deadline has two different prices – one for Standard and one for Premium quality. The prices are £11.99 and £13.59, respectively. We found the quality options to be very few; making it impossible to know which quality option fits which academic level.

You can choose between the following deadline options: 24 hours, 48 hours, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, 7 days and 10 days. This makes for a good range of urgency options, but unfortunately, their most urgent option is only 24 hours.

Generally speaking, the prices here are extremely cheap, which makes us wonder if the quality of papers is actually high. According to feedback online, the company’s writers often fail to write good papers, which is not good news.


There is only one discount to be found on the official website, the one of 15% off. The company does not really specify as to when this discount applies, so we are unsure if they are talking about first-order or limited discount offer.

To find out, we decided to contact the customer service. According to the company’s customer service agent, the 15% is actually a first-order discount, while for other discounts, you have to get in touch with the customer service and get that information.

This means that as their customer, you can never know how much the company will choose to charge you for your papers. You are basically left to the mercy of the customer service agent, and will have to spend valuable time discussing a discount every time you decide to place an order.

Additional Features

The company offers no additional features or services you can pay extra. However, they do offer unlimited revisions until the point when you like your paper.

Overall, has some advantages, but it is definitely not worth the top spots in our list. Students may choose this service for their incredibly cheap prices and the enormous list of academic services. At a first glance, this sounds perfect. However, once you consider the bad online feedback, the lack of discounts and vague information presented on the website, we cannot vouch for this company’s reliability and quality.

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