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Assignment Landis a UK-based writing services company. They offer academic services for students at all levels, from high school to graduate school.

No matter the assignment, professional writers will tackle the project for you. This includes anything from a basic essay all the way to an entire dissertation paper. Not only that, but the site also offers referencing, editing and a wide selection of topics.

According to feedback, the site does a pretty good job of covering many subjects and is consistent when meeting deadlines. Live chat makes it easy to order anytime and gives you plenty of help getting your paper done.

It’s hard not to notice the language of the site. It seems to have been written by a non-native speaker, albeit a quite accomplished one, but the signs are there. It’s a tad obsequious, sometimes a little odd (for example, why would an essay demonstrate your leadership and innovative skills?) and promises the very best which sets a lot to live up to.


The price of your paper is dependent on several factors, including length, type of paper, quality level, and urgency. That means that a basic paper with a longer deadline will cost you less than a highly technical paper with a higher urgency. Getting a price is as easy as choosing the paper type, the number of pages and the spacing.

Prices increase as the paper gets longer and the deadline gets tighter. For a basic essay, you’ll pay anywhere from £10.39 to £21.58 per page. Moving from one quality level to another will cost you a little more than £1 per page – a smaller increment than many other sites.


The site offers some pretty decentdiscounts. For example, you can get 15% off your first order. Some sites offer additional discounts for longer papers and multiple orders. This site doesn’t advertise this, but it could be available if you ask.

Discounts are great for students on a budget and it can be relief to save some money and still get an assignment done. A first-time discount is especially helpful as it allows you to test the service without having to rely on reviews from others.

With a professional website and a pretty good reputation, ordering from Assignment Land is a pretty good choice (as long as you don’t get bogged down in their flowery and over-elaborate website text).

Additional Features

This site has a long list of reasons why you should order from them. The has several guarantees, including professional writers, 100% authentic resources, 100% original paper that always goes through a plagiarism check, and free revisions.

Unlike other sites, the free extras are the same for most orders instead of getting better with higher quality levels. This site would get better reviews if it did this. However, the guarantees are a good way to get a good paper at an affordable price.

This site does a good job of writing papers of all types. The prices and live support make this a reputable site that you can count on for help with any assignment.

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