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Once you open the site, there is a popup that says ‘up to 20% off’. This sounds like an amazing offer one can get for subscribing to their website, but how do the discounts go? In order to choose the best service, you have to look into all relevant information – services, prices, discounts and special offers. This review should provide you with all this information.

Types of Services

The website of could use some improvement in terms of organization since we found it a bit difficult to find information regarding the type of service they offer. There is no specific page or a list of writing services, so one would have to go through the many separate pages on the website to find this information.

Firstly, there is an essay section that includes: admission essay, essay writing, English essay, nursing essay and law essay. Secondly, there is another section that includes dissertation writing, assignment writing and coursework writing. It is not clearly specified what assignment writing really means, so we can conclude that essays, dissertations and coursework are the only types of services offered by the company.

This is a limited list of services, which means students cannot order all their papers from the website.


The price list is also a bit limited since there are only four urgency options offered. The prices depend on this factor, number of pages and level of quality. Apparently, every type of service comes with the same price since there is no indication of the type of paper being any factor into the pricing. This is somewhat strange since you can actually order an essay and a dissertation with the same cost per page.

The prices are neither low, nor high. An essay with a deadline of 24 hours will cost £ 17.99 if ordered for a 2:2 standard level of quality, while the same essay with 2:1 standard quality comes at a price of £ 22.99 per page. If you want to order a paper with the highest quality within this deadline, you would have to pay £ 27.99 per page.

If you have an urgent paper as many students do, this is not the ideal service for you. The shortest deadline they offer is 24 hours, which means that you cannot order a paper that is due the next morning, for example.

The limitations in terms of deadlines are also a disadvantage from the point of lowest prices. The furthest deadline you can order your paper for is 6 days, which means their lowest prices cannot be compared to those of other services who offer deadlines of up to two months.


From what we could see online, the popup we found when we opened the website is changing. Some have reported a popup of 25%, while at the moment it is 20%. However, be careful when you see this information since the popup clearly says ‘up to’.

When looking for information on their discounts, we were surprised not to have found anything on the website. This is highly unprofessional since the company entices visitors as soon as they open the website.

Not having a discount page or any information regarding discounts is a big minus. Students often have a limited budget, which means they would want to know the exact cost of their order. Since the company does not even have a calculator, they have to go through the process of contacting the support service to get an estimate for their papers.

Many other companies offer first-order discount and lifelong discounts or bulk discounts. Some even offer all these options with the aim of allowing new customers to check out the service and returning ones to remain loyal.

Other Information

If you want to contact britishessaywriters, you can call them on the phone number; contact them via e-mail or the live chat.

Overall, the service is legit and does have affordable pricing. However, they are very limited in terms of deadlines, types of services and discounts.

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