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Taking an English test online is a useful way to check your knowledge of grammar and find out where there's room for improvement. Even if you've always been a grammar ace, it's easy to forget some of your knowledge over time, and even a simple level English test will remind you of some points you've forgotten. Don't be surprised if you get some of the simplest grammar wrong - when you've grown up speaking a language, you often learn it without actually knowing much about the structure, you just absorb the meaning and grammar without thinking.

Our English test isn't a definitive examination of your knowledge of grammar. It's meant to be a fun way to see how well you know the language, but do read the questions carefully - some of them aren't as obvious as they might appear! There are no trick questions though. So try our English grammar test to see whether you know your articles from your elbows …

I would have made a terrible mistake if I --- bought the house.
When I was young, I --- an imaginary friend.
My mother asked me if I --- to buy the shopping she wanted.
Were you able --- the directions we gave you?
He is --- a price for the job.
--- to pay your bills?
Fortunately I understand how you feel. I --- through the same experience
We will know more --- the report arrives
Since I didn't know you were coming, it --- possible to get ready in time.
What is the --- meaning of this word?
Choose the correct answer
Choose the correct answer
Choose the correct answer
Choose the correct answer
Choose the correct answer
The Queen knighted the sportsman --- he was undeserving of the honour.
Don't fill the car up with the wrong petrol, -- you might damage it.
The professor, --- expected too much of his students, wasn't very popular.
I'm going to --- bank to withdraw the money I owe you.
--- coat is missing from the cloakroom?
They organised --- wedding in only a few weeks.
--- understanding of the topic is perfect
--- is the book --- recommending.
When he picked up --- phone by mistake, I pointed out it was ---
He --- me everything I know about cars.
I used to scream every time my cat --- me a mouse.
--- know which one you want?
My sister-in-law is expecting twins. She --- so surprised to find out!
If you don't have enough money, you --- to go on the trip.
There are --- people interested in the course than I'd expected.
Are you truly --- about applying for university?
You're not --- ready, how can we leave?
I didn't think the Prime Minister knows --- about the subject to make a decision.
Maria lived in the United States --- three years.
Surely you didn't believe what he said? That's …!
The meal --- he ordered was awful.
Once the recession hit, we were forced to -- our budget by 20%.
The book was so boring that I'm going to --- that author once and for all.
When you buy a coat that's more expensive --- a car, you expect it to last for years.
Don't be --- bad-tempered. I'm only trying to help!
During the reign of Henry VIII, England --- a number of rebellions.
In the present climate, we --- better off saving than spending.
He closed the door, --- that she would never return.
--- I love my children, they do drive me mad sometimes.
It's an old car, … it does get me from A to B.
I won't buy --- the red --- the purple one.
I really appreciate … well you painted that wall. It's a perfect job.
It would not be --- to say that learning a new language has changed my life.
The use of electric vehicles has done --- for the environment, given how high pollution levels remain.
He --- laugh when he realised she'd stolen his wallet.
Choose the correct answer
Is happiness a:
Which of these is NOT a coordinating conjunction?
Which of these is an article?
Knight and night are:
What two types of adjectives are there?
What do adverbs modify?
"The actress, who had won several awards, was regarded as one of the best of her generation." Is the section in bold:
Modern technology means that we can listen to --- music we like, anywhere we want.
You don't like your neighbours very much, --- you?

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