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The need of custom writing services is growing rapidly as a result of the numerous assignments professors give to students all around the world. is another writing service that works on a worldwide level, providing all types of academic papers to those who need them. Is this a service you can trust with your papers? Let’s find out.

Types of Services

You can find the types of services this company offers on the home page or on the separate page for services on their website. However, if you decide to go through all the pages for the services offered, this would take hours. The website has a lot of irrelevant content that provides no important information whatsoever

The types of services offers is not really exhaustive, but it does include all most necessary services commonly requested by students. Such services include essays, research papers and proposals, term papers, admission essays, dissertations, case studies, book reviews and coursework assistance.

The company has an interesting policy – the offer a draft of a paper that is delivered two hours after you submit the form. With this policy, the company is assuring that you like what you are about to get and that their writers are on the right track. According to the website information, all the writers in are either native UK or US writers.


When compared to other services, the prices of this company can be considered high. There is no price list to be found on the website, so the only way to see the quote for your order is if you use their price calculator.

According to the calculator, the prices depend on the standard of paper, urgency, type of paper, number of pages and academic level. On the calculator, you get an instant quote with a calculated discount. However, the calculator needs some urgent adjustment, since you need to refresh the page every time you want to make even the smallest change. Sometimes it happens that the price does not appear at all if you do not refresh several times.

An essay with the longest deadline of 60 days with a 2:2 Standard Pass quality would cost $18.95 per page. With the applied discount, the price is $18.00. The same order with Guaranteed Distinction quality costs $19.90 with discount. This shows that their prices are considerably high because these are prices for the lowest academic level with a deadline that is two months away. If a student wants to order the same paper with a deadline of, let’s say 24 hours, they would have to pay $30.35 for a single page of 250 words, with the calculated discount.


One advantage of the discount policy of this service is that all their discounts start from one page, which means every customer can enjoy a price reducing. This somewhat counterparts the first offered price, since no one actually pays it. However, if you wish to enjoy more than the lowest 5% discount, you would have to order at least fifteen pages of content. If you have an order of over 201 pages, you get 20% off the total price.

This is not such a good discount since it is not a lifelong one i.e. people do not get lower prices if they often order from the company. Regardless of how many pages you have ordered throughout all your purchases from the company, you will get a discount based on your current order. Also, the discounts would rarely be big since not many pages are bigger than 15 pages, not to mention 201 pages.

Other Information

You can contact via their live chat or the phone numbers found on the website.

Overall, the company is worth looking into since they have a good reputation in terms of quality of paper. However, their prices are much higher than the competition and their discount policies do not do much to reduce these prices or to convince customers to become their regular customers.

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