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I really hope this global assignment help review has presented things from an unbiased and balanced perspective. 

In terms of the strengths of this service, I believe they are: 

  1. Reasonable pricing structure
  2. Mostly deliver work on time
  3. Good quality customer services
  4. Offers a great starting point for your own work.

As for weaknesses, I think they are: 

  1. Employed writers usually have English as a second language.
  2. Spelling and grammar really isn’t excellent. 
  3. Pricing is a bit on the expensive side for more significant projects. 
  4. Can encourage students to cheat their way through university.

For those reasons, I give it: 3.5/5

I use services like reasonably often, I think they make an excellent starting point for your own academic work. They tend to save time and, typically, results are pretty good. 

This was my first time using global assignment help itself though. For those who are wondering, global assignment help is a service designed to help people with academic, personal and professional writing. This covers a massive range of things, but you can think of it as a personal essay writing service.  

Overall, the service is pretty good. Having said that, it’s in a similar kettle of fish to other services in this industry. It all seems a bit dodgy at times, and the end results are far from perfect. It really does depend on how you intend to use the service as to how valuable it will be for you. If you’re looking to cheat your way through uni, this is definitely not the way to do it (and shame on you). However, if you’re looking for a way to improve your academic skills in essay writing, this could be the best service you’ve ever used. 


With a global 25% off all services currently, the pricing structure is about the most affordable of all the services I’ve used. Prices are custom to your needs (a common practice in this industry and, rightly so). I priced up a few examples for a rough idea: 

  1. 2000-word essay for a Law degree £55.62 (10-day turnaround) 
  2. 20,000-word thesis in Psychology £484.07 (30-day turnaround)
  3. 20 slide PowerPoint presentation £108.36 (30-day turnaround)
  4. 3000-word MATLAB report £187.41 (25-day turnaround)

I think there are cheaper services than this out there but is, “cheap” a quality you are looking for with this kind of service? I think some global assignment help reviews miss this point and complain unnecessarily about the price. If I’m looking for a skilled academic to write highly specific work for me, I should expect to pay a premium. 

I’ll leave the rest of this review to explore whether the prices of are worth it and represent value for money. 

Quality and deadlines

To be completely honest, there’s not much comparison in quality between global assignment help and other services. I’ve come to learn that, when you pay a company like this to write your academic work, you need to be prepared to compromise a little bit in terms of quality. I don’t think that’s entirely a bad thing but, it’s definitely not a great thing either. 

What typically happens is you get a completed assignment with loads of typos and grammar issues. Often, there are some logical inconsistencies added to the mix as well. To be fair on the service, they do offer excellent customer support and re-writes if things aren’t to your satisfaction. The trouble is, that detracts from one of the main reasons you would use this kind of service in the first place: to save time! 

I did achieve the grade required, and the work was delivered on time but, to get the grade, I had to edit the document myself and re-word it to sound more like me. 

Other reviews

The feedback I’ve read in other global assignment help reviews has varied massively. This made the decision to use the service a really tricky one to make. 

On the negative end of the spectrum, to be honest, there are some horrific experiences I’ve read about. People talk about it being copy and pasted work, respun to avoid plagiarism checks. Other reviewers call it an outright scam and warn you of using it. Still, others suggest that you must pay upfront for work you could do yourself quicker and better than what they provide you with. 

The positive global assignment help reviews seem to have a familiar tone that makes me suspect they are paid-for reviews. 

I want my global assignment to help review to appear unbiased. So, I’m trying to ensure that I’m not leaning in one direction or another. 


I think you have to see this kind of service as a starting point and not as the final product. If you go to them for the final product, I think you have missed the mark and could jeopardise your education. If you see this service as an efficient way to get the ball rolling with your own work, I think it could be worth the investment. 

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