Overall Rating



  1. Delivered an acceptable result for me.
  2. Delivered on time.
  3. Clear website about what the service is for.
  4. Great customer service.


  1. Spelling and grammar issues.
  2. Logical inconsistencies in work.
  3. Pricing structure not clear.
  4. Not easy to tell if you can trust them before buying.

I am writing this myassignmenthelp review because I wanted to make sure there was a well-rounded account of the customer experience available. There are a lot of myassignmenthelp reviews on the web, and I read a bunch before I used their service. Typically, the reviews are either top marks or bottom marks! There’s not a lot of opinion of in between those extremes! 

Myassignmenthelp is basically a service to help you write your assignments! They offer an extensive range of writing services from a simple one-page report through to a doctoral thesis! These services seem to be priced with set fees, but then, they tailor the pricing to your assignment. offer a comprehensive customer service package, including live chat which is incredibly helpful. The live chat is great if you’ve forgotten some essential information related to your assignment that you want to tell them about). 


I wanted to focus the first section of this myassignmenthelp review on pricing because it’s an area other myassignmenthelp reviews don’t seem to focus on as much. 

The reality is, though, my assignment help UK doesn’t make pricing clear. There are probably two ways to look at that. On the one hand, it could mean they are pricing work based on your own individual circumstances. On the other hand, it could mean they are being intentionally vague to charge you a fortune! 

From other reviews, it appears that the pricing is fair and customised to your requirements. I think their service would be significantly improved if they had a list of example prices on my assignment help UK website. They could have a price-per-grade banding or a price-per-page structure that would really help visitors to their site out with making the decision to use the service or not. It’s always helpful to shop around and, shopping around is 100% easier if you’ve got prices to compare. 

Quality and deadlines: 

Myassignmenthelp delivered my work on time. They also provided my work to a reasonable quality (I got 56% which is not too bad a grade). For that reason, I’m not going to rate the service too low. 

It is worth pointing out though that, myassignmenthelp delivered work that had problems with it. It was nothing major but, enough to prompt me to write this review. There were some significant typos and some major grammar issues with the work delivered. I’d highly recommend you check over what they provide and contact customer services if you’re not 100% happy with the end results. 

The professor who marked my essay said they were happy with the paper, and that they agreed with my significant arguments. Having said this, they also said there were a few logical inconsistencies with my thought process. I think that’s enough for me to score this service with the 3.25/5 I have given it.

Other reviewers. 

Looking at what others have put, there isn’t much balance! It’s either extremely negative comments (including wild accusations) or suspiciously positive comments. I think that’s one of the reasons I took so long to make my mind up about whether I’d use the service or not. It’s super hard to make your mind up when the opinion is so divided. 

Interestingly, the spelling and grammar in about 90% of the reviews I looked at implied English was a second language for the reviewer. This gives me the impression that the service is useful for students studying in the UK who come from other countries. 

Final Verdict:

Would I recommend them to other people? Probably but I’d want to warn them about the shortcomings before recommending. I’d want to make it clear that you need to see this as a Kickstarter rather than a final product. 

If you’re looking for a decent piece of work for a reasonable price to launch your own assignment from, then this is definitely a good idea. If you’re relying on this service to do your coursework for you, I don’t think you should go ahead. Not only is that morally ambiguous, but it could also hurt your result. 

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